Alt names: Chairudo, KODOMO, Koruijin ~Chairudo~, 小類人, 小類人(ちゃいるど), 小類人ちゃいるど,
Author: Ogino Makoto
Artist: Ogino Makoto
Genre: Sci-Fi Horror Comedy Action
Demographic: Seinen
Content: Ecchi

The species known as "Human" have long since been assured of their self destruction and complete erasure at both their own hands and by the Hayflick limit. But at last, they have found a symbol of hope... In the blood of the Chyld, Hinagata Heiji. He will be the one to rescue the future of the human race from extinction!
--From the cover of Volume 3: Subspecies

Chylds are childlike people (even when they have become adults) who each possess an exceptional supernatural gift--a power. Some are "firestarters" for example. The main character, Hinagata Heiji, looks like a loser, but looks can be deceiving. He possesses the uncanny ability to bring to life any inanimate object covered with his blood. He wanders around, enlisting himself in a school from time to time (after all, he looks like a ten year-old). But every "Chyld" has its own territory, and conflicts between them--especially over females--are numerous.

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