Alt names: Between Gray And Blue, グレーとブルーのあいまで,
Author: Itoi Nozo
Artist: Itoi Nozo
Genre: Yaoi Romance Drama Comedy

Koutarou, a high school teacher who is ordinary in both looks and attitude, is reputed to be a "boring man"; Koutarou's father-in law, Koushi, who somehow remains charming despite being over 50 years old; Koutarou's student, Sayotani, who, in all his youth and beauty, goes through one man after another. These three people who are ages apart connect with each other through Koutarou... A love story about three men who remain clumsy about love despite their age!

Chapter list

Name Published date
Chapter 3 2018/10/08 Read
Chapter 2 2018/10/08 Read
Chapter 1 2018/09/29 Read
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