Alt names: Сакура Яэ, 八重の桜,
Author: Yamamoto Mutsumi
Artist: Takemura Youhei
Genre: Tragedy Historical Drama Action
Demographic: Shounen

A dramatization of the real life of Yaeko Yamamoto. Over 100 years ago, Yaeko broke traditional Japanese stereotypes gender and honor to become a gun-warrior in defense of her homeland of Aizu.

Russian / Русский:

A dramatization of actual events by Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! artist Youhei Takemura and by drama writer Mutsumi Yamamoto, who is also the writer for the upcoming Taiga drama of the same name and story.

Chapter list

Name Published date
Chapter 12 2022/03/13 Read
Chapter 11 2022/03/13 Read
Chapter 10 2022/03/13 Read
Chapter 9 2015/02/21 Read
Chapter 8 2015/02/21 Read
Chapter 7 2014/07/02 Read
Chapter 6 2014/04/01 Read
Chapter 5 2013/11/27 Read
Chapter 4 2013/06/15 Read
Chapter 3 2013/03/16 Read
Chapter 2 2013/03/16 Read
Chapter 1 2012/12/08 Read
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